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Disused Underground Victorian Reservoir

The Story Behind the Photo – Disused Underground Victorian Reservoir For once I’m glad I checked Facebook… In late 2013 another photographer had posted a photograph that grabbed my attention straight away. It was somewhere underground, it was dark, it had brick arches and it looked like it hadn’t been used in a very long time. It […]

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How to… Photograph a Solar Eclipse

How to… Photograph a Solar Eclipse On 20th March 2015 we have our first solar eclipse in northern Europe since 1999. This time round the UK will see anything between 90-95% of the sun covered by the moon between around 9.30am and 9.40am depending on where you are. The Norwegian island of Svalbard will see […]

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Bridlington Beach Huts

Bridlington Beach Huts - The Story Behind the Photo. Reportedly first used by Frederick R. Barnard in 1921 while commenting that graphics can tell a story as effectively as a large amount of descriptive text, the well known  phrase goes “a picture paints a thousand words”. I’m not convinced that’s true of every piece of visual [...]
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