Aerial / Drone Roof Survey – Wydale Hall, North Yorkshire

Job Details

Client – R Pickering Ltd, Building Surveyor
Location – Wydale Hall, North Yorkshire
Works – Aerial (drone) roof survey
Drone used – DJI Inspire 1 Pro


Midi Photography was instructed by R Pickering Ltd, York to carry out an aerial roof survey of Wydale Hall, North Yorkshire on behalf of their client’s larger building survey.

As part of this traditional building survey, a comprehensive set of aerial photographs of the numerous roofs was required to supplement the report. This included aerial overviews of the grounds, general roof images and specific areas of particular detail.

To comply with CAA requirements, prior to every drone flight, air safety assessments and desktop feasibility studies are required to be completed to maximise the safety of people and property and mitigate risk. The take off and landing areas were cordoned off and following a few other risk mitigating exercises the drone could take off.

Throughout the survey, the clients had full view of the footage via a tablet showing a live feed directly from the drone’s camera. They could see exactly which photographs were being taken and instruct me to manoeuvre the drone to any given location. They could also see first hand and in live video the condition of the roof including areas not visible from ground level. The location and angles the drone could fly were not restricted and it can fly safely over and around and safely within feet of the subject property to ensure detail can be seen close up and clearly.

Benefits of Using Midi Photography for Aerial Surveys

As well as being a CAA approved pilot using a professional grade drone, I am currently an experienced architectural and interior photographer and also a former Building Surveyor with over 15 years’ experience. I not only know how to operate the drone legally, I understand the settings on the drone’s camera for the best results and image quality, good composition of an image and I also understand the construction of a property and can identify defects.

The flexibility of using a drone to survey and inspect difficult or dangerous to access locations is incredible. It is quick, manoeuvrable and unrestricted in comparison to other more expensive, slow and restricted methods of access, leading to a cost efficient, accurate, safe and environmentally friendly way of attaining photography or video. Information that would, particularly on this site and other large properties otherwise be impossible or unfeasibly expensive to gather.

R Pickering Ltd received detailed aerial photographs the following day, as well as the end user also receiving complimentary aerial photographs of Wydale Hall and its grounds. Two jobs for the cost of one.

Other Uses for Drones

Drones can be used for aerial photography and aerial video in an incredibly wide range of applications and industries including:

  • Architecture and construction
  • Real estate / residential property
  • Surveys and inspections for difficult or dangerous locations to access
  • Facilities management
  • Land surveys
  • Sports events and activities promotions
  • Outdoor events and activities promotions
  • Utilities companies
  • 3D land and property mapping

Midi Photography is an architectural, interior and construction photographer based in Wigan operating mainly across Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire, Merseyside, north Wales and Yorkshire but covers nationwide and internationally when required.

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