Bridlington Beach Huts

Bridlington Beach Huts – The Story Behind the Photo.

Reportedly first used by Frederick R. Barnard in 1921 while commenting that graphics can tell a story as effectively as a large amount of descriptive text, the well known  phrase goes “a picture paints a thousand words”.

I’m not convinced that’s true of every piece of visual art but I will say that there will be a story behind most of them.

I’m writing a series of blogs to tell my story of some of the photographs I have taken but, as I want you to read them I definitely won’t be using a thousand words…

This photograph of a row of beach huts on Bridlington beach, East Yorkshire represents a turning point for me and my photography. It was taken in September 2014 and at that point I had fallen out of love with photography a bit. I had thought of selling all my gear and forgetting about it.

A month earlier I went on holiday and packed all my equipment but forgot one vital piece. ..The flipping camera! I was cheesed off beyond belief but after a week of just taking photographs of the kids using just my phone I was quite relieved that I had forgotten it. I get a bit stressed out on holiday as I’m always seeing something I’d like to photograph. With a couple of (the most beautiful) kids wanting to go to the beach or playing in the pool, the pull of wanting to disappear off for a day with the camera, or stop and take a photograph of buildings that would have no particular interest to most  is constantly there. The kids almost always win the mental argument but the thoughts are still there. With no arguments and no camera the stress wasn’t there and I really enjoyed not having it.

When I got back I didn’t move the camera from where I left it and I didn’t pick it up for a few weeks until I went to Bridlington. I thought I’d take it along but wasn’t fussed either way…until I woke up early on a fabulous sunny morning and saw the beach from the window.

The sun was rising, the sky was clear and the beach was empty. Just my cup of tea.

I hadn’t taken many long exposures before so I thought I’d give it a try with a filter I bought for the holiday. I mucked up most of the shots as the sun was pretty much in front of the camera which doesn’t lend itself to long exposure photography and thought about packing up until I saw the beach huts. The sun was shining right onto the front of them and the bright colours of the doors reflected off the timber floor, metal posts and underside of the canopy in more subtle pastel shades. It looked fantastic, not just for the colours but also because of the lines.

If you look at the photograph, the lines of the tops and bottoms of the doors and posts, the locks. They all form leading lines directing your eyes right to the other end of the row. One of the many sciences of creating an eye pleasing photograph.

I have many fond memories of Bridlington from when I used to go as a child. As many of the UK seaside towns I think Bridlington has become less fashionable unfortunately. But as another saying goes… “Every cloud has a silver lining”. You can get some excellent fish and chips, the harbour area is fascinating, the beach is huge and it has some fabulously colourful beach huts.

Bridlington Beach Huts

Camera – Canon 6D

Lens – Canon EF24-70 f2.8 II at 35mm

Shutter Speed – 1/320 second

Aperture – f10

ISO – 100