Interior photography - Motique office fit-out Manchester for Rische Group

Put your business into focus with professional photography

Put your business into focus with professional photography

Your website is one of your business’ most important promotional tools and it needs to stand out from those of your competitors. But does the style and content of your site complement your work? It needs to engage visitors, be memorable and lead prospective clients towards making that crucial first contact.

Imagery plays an important role; the web is an incredibly visual medium and images that you use on your website need to reflect your business, its style, its quality and your passion for what you do.

Interior photography - Well Pharmacy HQ refurbishment, Manchester for JLL

So why use a professional photographer?

Whether taken by a professional or amateur, on a DSLR or mobile phone, the photographs you use to promote your business portray your professionalism and credibility to potential clients.

High quality photographs are extremely powerful, capable of instantly grabbing a viewer’s attention. There is a science behind creating such eye-catching images which a professional photographer understands; without this, photographs and their subjects can appear boring and uninteresting and that could translate to the viewer’s opinion of your business. Benefits of using professional images can include:


Increased Enquiries

There is a direct link between using high-quality imagery and an increase in enquiries. By promoting your services with professional images you are able to show your work in its very best light, generating more interest in your business and increasing enquiries.


Customer Perception

Professional photography allows you to promote your work at its best and demonstrate the professional approach you take to your business. It will help to raise your customers’ perception of you and in turn increase the value of your services.


Professional & Technical Skills

A good photograph is very deliberate. A professional photographer will take into account many things whilst composing a photograph, building an image from many different aspects. There’s a reason why the lighting looks just right, walls are vertical, unsightly objects are out of view and furniture and other items look aligned. It doesn’t just happen by accident.

It’s a common misconception that a photographer will simply turn up, click away and deliver the images. I’ve heard many times that a shoot ‘will only take an hour’; certainly within my specialism of architectural, interior and construction photography it can take an hour just to get a shoot set up. Plenty of thought has to go into each photograph which takes time.

A single photograph may take 30 minutes to stage; composition, lighting, creating an appropriate mood, editing and consistency all contribute to a high-quality image.


Cost Benefits

Whilst true that some photographers charge high fees for their work, these fees are often justified depending on the client’s requirements; how many photographs are required, how and where the finished images are going to be used and, depending on the nature of the assignment, whether an assistant, interior designer, stylist or other crew may be required.

Generally though, photography can be relatively inexpensive, particularly when evaluated against the potential benefits to your business, reputation and potential to attract new clients.

Construction photography - Fit-out of CDL, Stockport interior for Diamond Interiors

Making sure you use a professional

As with all industries, there are good and not-so-good professional photographers. The best place to check the quality of their photographs and whether their style suits your needs is of course their own website.

I have over 15 years’ experience as a Building Surveyor working in Manchester and Leeds therefore I fully understand and appreciate what I am photographing and why. I work with Architects, Surveyors, Project Managers, Contractors, Interior Designers and other bespoke specialists and trades.


If you are a construction, interior or design professional or specialist trade I’d love to hear from you, discuss your projects and how we can work together to promote your work in its best light; just contact me for a chat:


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