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For all pricing, booking or general queries please feel free to contact me via direct email, phone or by using the Contact Form below and Mike will reply to you as soon as possible.

Please supply as many details as possible such as the size of project, any deadlines you may have, any specific times or dates that you would like Mike to attend, where you intend the images to be used e.g. website only, magazines or other promotional material.

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What area do you cover?

Yorkshire born and bred and now based in Wigan, Greater Manchester, Mike is ideally located between Manchester and Liverpool with easy motorway access across the north west, Yorkshire, north Wales and West Midlands.

He easily covers and has great knowledge of these areas but has worked and will travel throughout the UK and abroad.

How much do you charge?

This is usually the first to be asked…

Mike provides a bespoke service to suit your requirements so the cost really depends on what those requirements are, the size, extent and location of the location that is to be covered.

For ground based photography, as a guide, fees are based around a £250 half day rate, £350 three quarter day rate or £450 full day rate.

For aerial photography it is more complicated to provide generic prices as there are so many factors to consider eg location, aerial and ground hazards, aviation restrictions, support crew requirements are just a few. Aerial photography is a minimum cost of £375 and for aerial videography and production work is a minimum cost of £800.

These costs are for a comprehensive service which is standard. If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to that then let Mike tell you what you could expect from your budget.

If you do not require an editing service and just require RAW images or unedited video then the costs will be discounted.

Aerial and ground based work carried out at the same time will be discounted, as will multiple jobs booked at the same time.

Costs do increase on large or complex shoots and smaller projects are always considered and welcome.

Aerial surveys, land mapping and bespoke work is charged per project.

Travel fees include 25p/mile and parking/toll charges.

Regardless of the size or value of project, you will always receive work of the highest quality.

For a quotation or for further details please use the contact form opposite or email [email protected] with as much detail of the project as possible.

How long do I need to book you in advance?

If you need work completing urgently please contact Mike on 07743 857126 or [email protected]

Urgent work is requested quite regularly and if he is available he will help, but the more notice provided the better.

Can I purchase the copyright to a photograph?

As politely as possible, no. The copyright will always be owned by midi photography. Clients are licenced specific rights to the photographs through a Usage Licence. This is common practice but admittedly, it sounds more complicated than it is. For the vast majority of projects, the images are licensed for unlimited use and for an unrestricted amount of time.

The only restriction is that images are not allowed to be passed on or sold onto a third party. Very occasionally, images may have restricted use placed on them including how and where the photographs can be used and for a specific length of time.

Please use the contact page for a quotation or further details.

What equipment do you use?

Without getting too technical or geeky Mike uses a professional full frame DSLR camera (and a back up camera), professional tripod, head and arguably the world’s best lens for architectural photography, numerous off camera flashes and various other gizmos.

An Inspire 1 Pro Black Edition with dual controllers is used for aerial work offering high quality still images and very high quality video up to 4k resolution.

How long after the shoot will it take to get my photographs / video?

As early as possible is the answer. You could expect to receive your fully edited photographs within 4-5 working days.

For aerial video please allow up to 2 weeks.

Mike has received requests for same day and next day images which, if promised have always been delivered.

Do you charge for editing?

Editing is a vital part of the whole process and can take a considerable amount of time so, yes, editing time is factored into every price. For photography, if a shoot takes for example 3 hours, the editing time will usually be 3 hours. Video editing is job specific but takes longer than editing photographs.

A  comprehensive editing service is included as standard; including colour correction, correction of verticals and horizontals; adjustments to colour saturation, contrast, shadows and highlights; removal of unwanted small artefacts. I also add a bit of magic to most of the edits to really make your images stand out from the crowd.

If for any reason you require some further minor edits or adjustments, one round of these are provided at no extra cost. Any further requests or more significant amendments e.g. removal of larger objects / artefacts are chargeable.

Where can I see more of your photographs?

You can find more photographs on the midi photography social media pages. Facebook, TwitterInstagram and LinkedIn. Let’s connect!

This website and social media are not exhaustive libraries so if there is something similar you need but cannot find Mike may well have it in his archive library.

Can I buy any of your images?

Yes, of course. Mike is hoping in the future to include this service electronically on the website, but for now if there is an image you would like to buy please just ask using the contact page.

Not all images are for sale as some have commercial or intellectual rights attached.

Do I have to sign anything?

No, you don’t have to sign anything but to comply with commercial insurance obligations, Terms & Conditions are issued to new clients. Any subsequent instruction is deemed as an acceptance the Terms & Conditions.

Will I receive an invoice?

Yes, invoices are usually sent with the final photographs / video.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, dependant on the number and value of the jobs, but they must booked at the same time.

If ground based and aerial work is requested as part of the same job then a discount will be offered.

What's the best way to contact you?

For pricing enquiries please use either this contact page or send a direct email to [email protected]. For other queries or information you’re always welcome to phone on 07743 857126.

My question is not listed here!

If your question is not listed here or you need further information please use the Contact Form opposite, email [email protected] or feel free to phone me on 07743 857126.

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