Commercial Property & Developments


Professional drone photography can be used in a number of ways to capture commercial property and other developments.

What kind of commercial property benefit from aerial photography?

Bird’s eye images and videos of commercial and residential projects can be used by Architects, Main Contractors, Developers, Universities etc to demonstrate the scale, grandeur and detail of a project or development.

Not only that, but aerial photography or drone footage can also show potential users the advantages of a particular location and context in its surroundings, e.g. proximity to a travel network or nearby amenities and features.

Why use aerial photography to market your property or development?

In a competitive marketplace, aerial photography and video can make all the difference. Drone footage of your commercial project will set it apart from similar developments and offer eye-catching perspective views that wouldn't otherwise be seen.

Use aerial footage to prospective future clients in tenders and presentations to show examples of your expertise and to win work.

Offering a virtually unique combination of experience in the commercial property and specialist architecture photography sectors, Midi Aerial Photography provides high resolution drone images and videos safely, professionally and of the highest quality.