Before and After

  • Before-Mill Cottage, Suffolk
    After-Mill Cottage, Suffolk
    BeforeMill Cottage, SuffolkAfter
  • Before-Dock 10, Media City
    After-Dock 10, Media City
    BeforeDock 10, Media CityAfter
  • Before-55 Spring Gardens, Manchester
    After-55 Spring Gardens, Manchester
    Before55 Spring Gardens, ManchesterAfter
  • Before-Lakeside House, Haweswater
    After-Lakeside House, Haweswater
    BeforeLakeside House, HaweswaterAfter
  • Before-Atmos International, Manchester
    After-Atmos International, Manchester
    BeforeAtmos International, ManchesterAfter
  • Before-Skechers HQ, St Albans
    After-Skechers HQ, St Albans
    BeforeSkechers HQ, St AlbansAfter
  • Before-EastzEast, Whitefield
    After-EastzEast, Whitefield
    BeforeEastzEast, WhitefieldAfter
  • Before-Rentalcars, Manchester
    After-Rentalcars, Manchester
    BeforeRentalcars, ManchesterAfter


The vast majority of images taken by photographers require re-touching. I use a mixture of techniques to create the style of images I produce. Some images take time to build up that style in layers, but with others, just very slight adjustments can make a huge difference.

Basic editing includes colour correction, adjustments to verticals, toning down highlights and extracting detail from shadows. Further editing can include light painting, selective colour saturation, removal of unwanted objects and other enhancements.

Some examples of images before and after editing are shown here....