Air Traffic


This 'Air Traffic' series is a culmination of a lot of sitting around runways / airports...

Each image is created by setting up the camera on a tripod and photographing a plane multiple times as it arrives or departs. Multiply this by every aircraft movement over a few hours and you very quickly get to hundreds of separate photographs. These hundreds of photographs need to be whittled down, and in Photoshop, very meticulously cut out from their background and superimposed onto a base image. This process can take 30-40hours in itself.

Artistic licence has to be used to move some of the aircraft around the image. Not too much though as it becomes obvious and that's not you want to achieve. But to create a final piece that looks more pleasing to the eye, some extra creativity is needed.

The result is a fascinating composite image showing the extent of just some of the aircraft movement in or out of our airports.

The series title 'Air Traffic' is exactly what you see in each final image.

Prints are available to buy in the 'Print Shop' found in this website, or to go directly there¬†click here. For commercial use, please email directly at [email protected].