Survey & Inspection


Using drones for aerial surveys and inspections can be more cost-effective, quicker and safer than traditional surveys.

Drone Surveys

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones are perfectly suited to providing images and / or video in difficult or dangerous to access areas and locations.

Drones can be used to reach even the most challenging, dangerous or expansive site, location or asset, enabling you to secure a comprehensive and detailed survey in a safe and low risk environment.

Fully trained, certified and qualified to operate drones commercially in the UK at any time of day or night, we use the latest aerial technology to record and deliver your requirements.

Drone Inspections

With a significant amount of previous Building Surveying experience, Midi Aerial Photography provides an almost unique mix of expertise to provide survey photography services to supplement your condition surveys or reports.

Carrying out inspections on residential, commercial or industrial sites can be made significantly easier with the use of drone technology. Whether that be to access roofs, windows, plant and machinery, utilities infrastructure, asset monitoring etc for defect and condition surveys, we can provide the data you need cost-effectively, safely and quicker than other conventional methods.

Our experience and equipment enable us to work in challenging and complex environments, delivering the information you need in a high-quality visual format and removing the element of risk from your staff.

When you choose Midi Aerial Photography to deliver your aerial surveys or inspection photography, you’re in safe hands thanks to 15 years’ experience in Building Surveying and years of specialising in architecture photography. We have all of the expertise and credentials required to deliver you high-quality media in your preferred format.