Architecture & Exteriors


Photography of architecture and the exteriors of buildings is more difficult than you might think...

The type of weather, the time of day, time of year, building features, lines of perspective, people, vehicles etc all have to be factored in to get the best results.

Although sunlight can make a building pop with colour and contrast, the angle and strength of that light will make all the difference. Sometimes, a dark, cloudy sky more suits a building, or a twilight / night image to highlight lighting and shape.

Mike's architectural photography skills, patience and attention to detail, coupled with post processing tricks will accurately represent the detail, quality and use of your buildings and allow you to promote your work and content with confidence.

Whether it is a building in context with its environment, or just an element of detail that you would like recording, Mike provides high quality, creative and artistic images that you are able to use for many years.