Photography is a powerful way to get your work seen by other people and may be the only way potential clients see your work.

To a prospective client, your marketing reflects your business. Photography is one of the main ways businesses can set themselves apart from the competition and create a lasting impression with new and potential customers.

With his many years' previous Building Surveying / Project Management experience, workspaces are Mike's interior photography speciality, and notoriously agreed to be one of the most difficult genres. The window of opportunity to photograph a space after works completion but before occupation is always very tight and sometimes shut, so photographing an occupied, working space is the only option.

Mike can make untidy interior spaces look tidy, busy spaces look quiet and quiet spaces look busy, all through a combination of patience, attention to detail, on site and post processing tricks and skills.

Working predominantly with Main Contractors, Architects and Commercial Interior Designers, quality photography of your workspace projects will improve your web and business literature content and make tender documents more engaging to prospective clients.