How Construction Aerial Photography Works

Drone technology is a complete game changer in the construction and civil engineering industries. The safety, speed and cost-effectiveness of using drones for construction aerial photography has saved companies significantly in regards to time and finances. This is why more contractors and developers are looking towards drone operators than ever before.

Construction aerial photography is perfectly suited for construction sites and civil engineering projects, whether to record routine progress, a special milestone event or capture a completed project.

When hiring a drone operator for your project, it’s important to find out beforehand what they’re capable of and how their services and experience can benefit you. With this in mind, I’ve listed the key services a competent operator can offer you.

Tracking Progress

Once your project is underway documenting its progress is valuable for so many reasons. Regular site visits by a competent drone operator can provide you with up to date, routine quality photography or video for you to promote your ongoing work, keep the local public aware of what is happening on site, provide evidence of programme management to clients and project stakeholders, and gives you the perfect tool to observe your work from height, and an otherwise impossible and unique perspective.

Through drone technology, it’s possible to gather real-time data which can help you spot issues in advance and plan accordingly. If the images captured point towards a problem on the horizon, you can then check to see how this affects your timescale and budget.

Highlighting Major Events & Key Milestones

Undertaking a construction or civil engineering project, no matter how big or small, is always exciting, and there may be many key events in a development you may want to record, either for marketing or tracking progress.

Key milestone events you might want footage of include:

  • Breaking ground

  • Excavation works

  • Erecting steel framework

  • Roof works

  • Cranes operating

  • Bridge construction

  • Removing scaffolding

  • Group team photographs

The wider range of images or videos you use, the more can be used to bring attention to your development. Naturally, the more attention you receive, the more opportunities you create to pick up similar work.

Aerial photography can also be used to celebrate the workforce’s achievements to date, instilling a sense of pride in them and the project and encouraging the team to keep up their excellent work.

Quality Inspections

Quality inspections should be an ongoing process for main contractors and sub-contractors  throughout every construction and civil engineering project, however, regular, manual inspections can be time-consuming and dangerous, particularly if heights are involved.. Finding defective or poor quality work as soon as possible can save time, money and reputation as working on a later stage or phase of  a development could depend on the quality of work already completed.

On the positive side, it’s always satisfying to have proof your work is already being completed to the highest standard and there are no quality issues.

Instructing a drone operator for your construction aerial photography, it’s possible to capture footage of brickwork, structural frames, roofs, windows, bridges, towers and more without having to compromise on risk. Being able to assess the quality of work at any time, from the safety and convenience of the ground Once you’re satisfied with the quality of the work, you can move onto the next phase with confidence.

It’s important to remember, though, that drone operators with highly sought after Extended Permissions from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in the form of an Operating Safety Case (OSC) have the  advantage of carrying out inspections in built-up and cogenstated areas. This means if your construction project is in a bustling town centre,, you’ll need a specially qualified drone operator such as  Midi Aerial Photography to carry out the work.

Completed Projects

A completed project is worth celebrating and showing off. It’s always a collective effort as you,your team, other contractors and client will all have put a huge amount of effort into getting the project completed..

Aerial photography and / or video is the perfect way to capture a project or development at completion. Promoting your work by using uniquely captured perspectives is eye catching, reflects well on your company and gives you bragging rights over competitors.

During works, you’re usually too bogged down in detail to enjoy a project. It’s sometimes when the end has passed you can look back positively and realise what has been achieved. Having someone record it looking its best can be hugely satisfying on a personal level.

Unrivalled Construction Aerial Photography Services

Drone technology in construction and civil engineering can help you and your teams greatly. From keeping individuals safe from hazardous conditions, producing high quality surveying work at a low cost, documenting progress and completion, construction aerial photography is the answer you’re looking for.

With over 15 years previous experience as a building surveyor and project manager, plus four years as a skilled commercial drone operator, Mike Dinsdale at Midi Aerial Photography has the experience and skill to undertake your survey and inspection work or capture your works progress, completion or milestone events. And with Mike’s background as an architectural photographer, you can be sure the images taken will show the true quality of your work.

If you work in construction or civil engineering or have a project you would like documenting, don’t hesitate to get in touch.